Technical Information

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Foundation/Base Detail
External Wall Base Detail
Timber Ground Floor Detail
Soleplate Detail (Raft Foundation)
Support of Timberframe at Garage
Junction of Suspended Timber Floor to Garage Concrete Floor
Max permissable inaccuracies
Typical Bungalow Section
Typical Two Storey Section
Typical Two Storey Section
Trap Door Ope Detail
Tank Stand Support
Splay Floor Support
Tank Stand (Top Hat Truss)
Soffit Support for Prefabricated Trusses
Gable Ladder Detail
Chimney Trimmer
Dormer Detail
Squaring Walls
External Wall Makeup
Party Wall P/Board
Soleplate Fixing
Locational Wall Section Through Party Wall
Detail A1 Ground Floor Party Wall Junction
Detail B1 First Floor Level Floor/Wall Junction
Detail A2 Ground Floor Level P/Wall Floor Junction
Detail C1 First Floor Ceiling to P/Wall Junction
Detail D1 Roof to P/Wall Junction
External Wall to P/Wall Junction Plan